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The Connected Home Revolution

By Greg Kathol | May 8, 2018

AI devices have rapidly become commonplace in our homes, despite some skepticism about the technology. What used to be “nice to have” is now “need to have.”

Our CEO Taj Manku recently shared his thoughts on this topic with The Fast Mode, explaining why 2018 is the year that consumers will fully embrace AI in their homes.

When predicting consumer behavior, a typical rule of thumb is to follow the money. One reason people will continue to adopt AI technology is because of energy savings automation. Rather than remembering to turn the lights or heat off, devices that can track motion – like our Aura WiFi Motion technology – will do it for you when no one is present.

Other indicators of widespread AI technology adoption are increased productivity and time savings. With home automation, users can decrease time spent on small tasks or eliminate it altogether. Essentially, a connected home gives people more time to focus on the important things in life, which is why AI technology is only going to continue growing in popularity.

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