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A New Age of Security

By Cognitive Systems Corp. | May 10, 2019

Imagine you could go back ten years into the past and tell the world that traditional security systems such as cameras would be replaced by WiFi as a new medium for home protection. Most would probably brush it off as absurd but, due to the evolution of technology, the idea that something we use on an everyday basis acting as a security system is not odd. Privacy, area of coverage and price all factor into why the modern home will benefit from such technology.

Most people value privacy, but this is constantly challenged due to all of the technology we use daily: our phones, TVs, computers, the list goes on. Security cameras don’t help the cause, as the moment somebody from the outside hacks them, you wouldn’t have a clue that someone could be watching you in the privacy of your own home. With WiFi Motion™, individuals who manage to breach this technology would only get information about general motion in the home, which severely limits potential malicious actions.

Another important benefit of WiFi Motion over traditional security systems is area of coverage. Let’s be honest, security cameras don’t have a significant area of coverage unless you install a lot of them, and alarm systems won’t even tell you where your home was breached in the event of a burglary. A seasoned criminal won’t hesitate in taking advantage of common camera locations and shadows to evade detection considering how much they rely on good lighting. WiFi Motion works on the premise that the moment there is motion detected in the set area of coverage, the user is instantly notified and can determine what to do. This approach takes the best aspects of traditional security systems while removing the worst.

Finally, price is a major factor for families and businesses when determining whether or not to install security in the first place. Did you know that the current price of a high end security system can run thousands of dollars in upfront investment? This doesn’t even include an expensive monthly fee that usually accompanies installation cost, as well as having to update cameras constantly due to newer features being added in every so often. In comparison, since WiFi will be needed in your house anyway, all it costs is an initial investment of buying an Access Point with WiFi Motion technology that allows the user to leverage free and over-the-air software upgrades that install automatically once they release. This creates an easier solution for individuals to setup and maintain and is considerably less expensive than the alternatives.

Privacy, coverage and price are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to why WiFi Motion™ makes sense. Don’t let yourself fall victim to technology that is outdated and expensive by purchasing the next generation of home security.


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Founded in 2014, Cognitive Systems Corp. began with the goal of changing the way wireless is used. The founders drew on their extensive expertise in silicon design, radio frequency RF sensing and encryption, to build a Wi-Fi technology that would be essential for the smart home market - The result, WiFi Motion was born.

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